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Mothers Day Gift Guide with TDR

SURPRISE! Mothers Day is in 8 days! 

I know, you're thinking..."woah. wait. WUT?"

Well not to worry, because as usual TDR has you covered

We have so many things that any momma would love to receive on her day! So I am going to show you some of my personal favorites to gift to your momma (or mommas!)

1. Accessories
we've got it all, from jewelry to hair accessories!

The Bryan Anthonys line is so precious! I love that each piece has a story to it, 
making it extra meaningful

We have received so much new and trendy jewelry pieces including these double ring tassel earrings
 Of course you can never go wrong with a hobo bag

and these things are always in style! I personally have been wearing them since high school and still think they are the perfect way to add flair to any outfit!

2. Coffee Mugs

How adorable (and probably true) is this mug!?

and this one, well, its probably the most accurate. I mean come on, moms rock!!

 and even if the kids aren't human, its hard being a fur baby momma! so these are perfect

3. Home Accents

These wooden signs are perfect to place in any corner of the house or even an office!

another item that you just cant go wrong with - Kate Spade Candles

these cute magnets are a perfect little reminder for your momma that you're always thinking of her

and last but not least, when in doubt GET HER A GIFT CARD! (duh)

St. Patrick's Day prep with TDR

If you're anything like me than I
bet ya didn't think about this...

St. Patrick's Day is in TWO DAYS!

Please tell me I am not the only one
who so totally forgot about this holiday?

We want to make sure no one is getting
pinched this year - so we have different options
for you to wear so that doesn't happen!

new JLB @ TDR

We at TDR love our JLB
(and our three letter acronyms apparently)

So we are excited to show you some
of our newest tee's from the Jadelynn Brooke Sisters!

and beyond excited to show you a brand new tee
that we have been keeping from you guys that we know
you will go crazy over - we sure did!

Meet Our Girls

Lets face it, TDR would not be what it is today
without the kind and fun-loving girls that run it!

So we want to introduce to you five very important
people who are part of the TDR team

Lovely in Leopard

Whether you want to admit it or not Leopard
is back in style and it is not going anywhere

At first I was very reluctant to accept this trend,
anyone else with me on that?

It became a huge trend in fall 2018 and has evolved
throughout the winter. 
But make no mistake, it will be  making 
its way into the Spring 2019 trend list as well